Welcome to the lost & found fashion show

Where misfit items are found

Below are the latest LOST & FOUND items that we have collected. We will post them here with one of the following labels…

  • CLAIMED – someone has admitted they have forgotten something.
  • DONATED – the item has been given to local nonprofit (i.e. ONE Hope, homeless shelter, Sharing Center, etc)
  • TRASHED – it has not been claimed and can’t be donated. These items go to live on the island of misfit garbage.

NOTE: Any money or change found within these items are given to the “I’m a youth volunteer and need some dinner before I show up at youth group” FUND — (just kidding, but really, they could use a gift card now and again).

001 – Hearts of Love Sleeping Bag

A beautiful red sleeping bag adorned with hearts and flowers rolled to look like a sumptuous sushi roll. Albeit, I’m sure it tastes nothing like sushi.

002 – Emma’s Blanket Boo Boo

This lovely blanket — patterned with white and blue checkerboard pattern — could belong to anyone. Don’t let the name on it fool you, someone might have stole it from Emma! Local authorities have been notified.

003 – An Awesome Shirt

This slate gray pull-over t-shirt is filled with cute monsters, heading for the waves, with surfboard undertow (or under-arm). You have to undeniably “proceed with awesome” with this shirt.

004 – Guard My Pillow

I AM GROOT! IamGRoot! i am GrooT! I AM GROOT! i aM gRoOt! I AM GROOT!

005 – Fun In The Sun Towel

Your future must be bright if you own THIS towel. This happily stripped towel with sunglasses is not only the best way to dry off… but I bet you’ll instantly throw shade to anyone around. This thing takes you back to the good old days of towels.

006 – I Found A Monkey Inside My Pillow

This has to be the grand-master surprises of them all. These two Pistachio colored pillows not only come with a comfy & soft throw blanket made of Imperial Cloth, but inside is a rare monkey that has taken refuge. We’re not sure how long he has been living inside the pillow or how old he is. But some animal aficionados consider him to be, at least, 872 years old.

007 – Baby Black Panther

Someone left their baby black panther at youth group. No worries… he was adopted by a pack of penguins.

008 – The Lost Sock

Sometimes it’s hard to believe… but socks get lost. Their mate runs off with a pair of stockings or gets lost searching for lint in the dryer. Either way, sometimes there is only one left. Let’s all stand for a moment of silence.

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